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Here at The Big Gay Review, I am always looking for things that are ‘different’, ‘unusual’

Something you wouldn’t normally think you would need, but once you have it, you wonder how you ever did without it. Sex furniture is one thing I’ve long thought was missing from our routine. The pillows are made from Polyurethane and the pillow cases provided are ‘pure satin’, according to the website. There are additional pillowcases available including ones made from PVC. The pillows are supposed to be made for almost ANYONE to use – there is no weight restriction on the pillows – the website states that they are burst tested to very high limits. I can’t vouch for that, but it supports my weight and I am no wilting flower.

So, on some level, I do really like these pillows. Finding products like this that are ‘affordable’ can be quite tricky. The pillows retail for around £89.99 which is competitive with brands like Liberator who offer similar products. Used solo, they can feel a little bit… weird. At least, the masturbator one does anyway. Fucking an inanimate object like a pillow does have you questioning your sanity a little bit. However if used with a partner, then they can just help create a visual treat, and there’s nothing I like more than watching my MR plough a masturbator with wild abandon.

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