Simple enough for anyone to use the Pillowsforeplay can be set up by following a few simple instructions.

The first thing you must do is to pull the pillowslip onto the pillow just as you would a normal pillow.

Inside the zipped end you will find a small elastic loop on the right hand side.

Pass the bulb on the clear tubing through this elastic loop (you’ll need to know where that is later).

In order to inflate the Pillow push the two RED inflation tubes through the button holes and starting with the valve nearest the center blow into them.

ONLY INFLATE THEM HALF WAY. Sitting carefully on your P4P slowly allow some air out of one valve at a time by pushing a finger nail into the end of the red valve.

Only by releasing / adding small amounts of air will you find your own comfort zone.

Different moods will require different amounts of air.
Different amounts of air will inspire different moods.






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