So Pillowsforeplay made you curious - Well lucky you for finding your new Toyfriend!

The Bolero and Tango from Pillowsforeplay hold your favorite sex toys while your imagination runs wild. Whether you are single or in good company we have a pillow that will delight you.

The Pillows are available now from our shop with a choice of Duchess Satin Pillow Cases in Purple, Black or Cerise.

The concept is that anyone irrespective of age, body shape, size or individual ability can play with and enjoy the pillow at their own speed and to their own satisfaction.


It is a couples toy as much as for individuals and can serve as a great spectator sport for couples, making up an innocent three-some with any combination easily achieved with no ego’s or feelings being hurt.


Other similar toys on the market tend towards the fixed rigid and unsympathetic dildo’s where as Pillowsforeplay allows you to use your number one toy, and indeed your number two or number three


So visit our shop, check out the Bolero or Tango individually if you'd like a little more information or just order your Pillowforeplay and let the fun commence.