The Bolero is a high quality inflatable sex pillow manufactured with medical grade polyurethane. Comprising of two inner chambers allowing it to be inflated to suit your mood. With no restriction on size or weight this pillow is the ideal product for anyone looking to enjoy a hands free experience with their favorite sex toy. The Bolero is capable of holding toys with a diameter of up to 70mm. You can team up with your partner or take it on a solo adventure, either way you’ll enjoy the vibrations purring throughout your body.

The technology that holds the sex toy in place allows you to go ‘hands free’ leaving you to explore other avenues of satisfaction. The holder for mounting your toy is surrounded by a ‘pressure cuff’, simply insert the toy and secure it in place using the black bulb. The valves on the pillow allow you to increase or decrease the amount of air in each chamber to achieve the best level of movement for you. The high quality materials and valves (the same that are used in life jackets) give you the assurance you need that hygiene is not compromised.

Every Bolero is accompanied by a satin pillowcase which is washable at up to 60 degrees celsius. These pillowcases are an essential part of the pleasure with more designs and materials being added all the time. It is a very flexible and fun addition to the bedroom, strap it to the bed, hang it off the wall or simply add your toy, switch it on and have a party for one.

Whatever You desire…From your Head to Your Bed. Enjoy

  • FITTINGS 70mm diameter holds 95% of all vibrators and dildos on the market
  • STORAGE Easy and discreet storage
  • MATERIALS Comes with a Satin Pillowcase which is fully machine washable
  • GENERAL Can support users of all weights and sizes, The pillow has been tested up to 21 psi
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