What would you say if I told you that one of the most innovative adult toys I’d seen in the last few years was an inflatable sex pillow?

It sounds extremely improbable, but that’s the somewhat surprising conclusion Mr Roger More and I came to after extensive and rigorous testing of the Pillow Foreplay.

To explain: the Pillow Foreplay is an inflatable toy incorporating a hole in which you place your favourite vibrator or dildo, so that you can then ride the Pillow like a lover and yet still have your hands free for extra fun. Needless to say, the Pillow was a huge hit in our house, but I can’t deny that it was most perplexing that such a dubious item could prove so appealing for both myself and Roger too, who enjoyed being able to watch it in action.

Putting the Pillow Foreplay through its paces was great fun: firstly I trawled through our Sex Chest to find a large (and small!) variety of dildo and vibrators. They all fitted perfectly and didn’t move around during use, no matter what the width, length or style of the toy.

The Pillows Foreplay proved surprisingly useful in more general bedroom naughtiness too, enabling us arrange ourselves at the right height for the more challenging positions (note to self: increase yoga classes), and lessening the athletic energy needed in various sexual poses (note to Mr More: increase Spin sessions). This made me think that the Pillow could prove handy for people with chronic pain, back or other health problems, rather like a sex swing might – especially as the air tubes made it so easily adjustable when in use.

The popularity of the Pillow Foreplay even extended to outside the bedroom: when we went away for a couple of child-free days and were disappointed I’d forgotten to bring the Pillow.

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