HellKats Little Bit of Heaven

When you receive your pillow it comes in a gorgeous black box with the Pillowsforeplay signature “G” symbol featured on the box.

Inside your box you will find the flesh coloured inflatable pillow along with a pillowcase, which is packaged separately to ensure it does not get damaged in transit and so you feel safe in the knowledge it is coming to you factory fresh. You will also receive detailed instructions on how to use your pillow, although in my opinion thanks to its ingenious design these are not really necessary as the pillow is incredibly easy to use

The Pillowsforeplay that I have had the absolute pleasure of reviewing is a Girl friendly pleasure aid and is designed to hold your favourite sex toys and allowing you to have a more natural sexual experience,no matter how adventurous or discreet you like to be.

The pillow can be used in a variety of different positions and can be used during solo play or to enhance your sexual experience with your partner giving you endless possibilities of play.

This Unique product design allows you to play with your favourite toys completely hands free and this amazing little invention will accept 99% of all vibrators and dildos so you really cannot go wrong.

Designed to support all body sizes and weights this pillow is ideal for anyone looking to add a new dimension to their play and best of all the design of this pillow also means it supports your body weight during play making it ideal for users with spinal disorders. I myself suffer from minor spinal pain after damaging my back in a serious fall, and have found that this enables me to enjoy my pleasure even when In pain, it supports my body and works with me and with only the smallest of movements you can create extremely effective results,

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